Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Selected Works

Hirji Adenwalla has saved thousands of impoverished Indian children from ostracism and even death.
Lt. John Venuti and the Richmond Police Department's Violent Crimes Division fight the rising tide of homicide.
They arrive in hobnail boots and tattered uniforms, lugging vintage rifles and worn blankets, ready to fight. On both sides of the Mason-Dixon line they come, without hope of winning, without fear of losing.
Style Weekly
From The New York Times, Published: January 16, 2005
Kate Spade Goes to Washington
Designer Opens Store in DC
A beautifully illustrated chronicling of the birth and development of commerce in America

Personal Editor


Lisa Bacon played a major editing role in my 2008 book, Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again (University of California Press). She met with me for a couple hours, got a sense of what the book needed, and then did a first class editing job making the manuscript much stronger than I had originally written it, so strong indeed that it was picked up by a major university press. Lisa's skill as a writer and her professionalism as a journalist were what I really needed. I highly recommend her.

--Roger H. Martin, author of Racing Odysseus and Off to College: A Guide for Parents, former associate dean, Harvard Divinity School

Lisa Bacon edited a book for me in 2014. We had an excellent and congenial working relationship as she was efficient, timely, and extremely helpful with suggestions and corrections. We worked together almost entirely via e-mail and a few phone calls, a system that was convenient, and time-saving for us both. I highly recommend her editing and proofing abilities and would call on her services again in the future without hesitation.

Susan M.